The history of this family run restaurant starts in the early 20th century, when Georges Cuvelier, native of the Borinage (Hainaut Province, Belgium), escapes a future as coal miner by deciding to get into the restaurant business. Thus, in 1926, he creates « Chez Georges », a cosy local establishment. With time, it is renamed « Comme Chez Soi », due to its patrons declaring that eating in the restaurant is like eating at home. The rest is history…
In the course of 1936 the restaurant moves to Place Rouppe, its current location. Georges Cuvelier’s daughter marries Louis Wynants, who quickly evolves the culinary standard into haute cuisine. 
In the early 1960’s, at the age of 22, their son Pierre goes into the family business following his apprenticeship in prestigious Michelin starred restaurants across Europe. Even with a busy and brilliant career as a star chef he finds the time to meet Marie-Thérèse. The newly-weds are soon blessed with two beautiful daughters, Laurence and Véronique.
Later in 1994, the elder daughter, Laurence, marries Lionel Rigolet, who is also trained in famous restaurants in Belgium and abroad. Lionel completes his full training in the restaurant of his father-in-law, and later takes over the restaurant. Today, the restaurant is brilliantly run by Lionel, with Laurence providing a warm welcome.